Our Happy Place

Our Happy Place

All of us who have traveled probably have a favorite… well, this is “Our Happy Place”… Phillipsburg, St. Maarten… specifically the beach overlooking the harbor off the boardwalk…. We have been to this port multiple times.  (We will share more things to do on St. Maarten in a later post.)

Our beautiful "Happy Place" along the beach and boardwalk.
Our beautiful “Happy Place” along the beach and boardwalk.

The beach is less than a mile or only about a 15 minute walk from the cruise port… Or you can choose to pay about $7 each for the water taxi, for an all-day ticket.  If you walk, along the way you will pass the Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store (check it out on TripAdvisor)… we are from Wisconsin, so we know cheese and the Dutch do a pretty darn good job so stop in for a sample.

Walk a little further past the harbor and and you will find a few shops and then the boardwalk.  There you can find music, food & drink, and of course many stores to shop at for goodies.  You will also find many people asking “would you like chairs & an umbrella?”  When they ask, tell them you are looking for Diego.  When you find him, tell him “Wisconsin sent you”.  He will take good care of you.  He will provide you with two chairs and an umbrella and your choice of a bucket of beer or two Caribbean drinks, all for a fair price.  (The going rate is about $25 the last time we were there.)  If you are interested ask Diego for a lunch menu, and he will bring your lunch to you.

Chic's Bar - Our place for drinks, and facilities while in our "Happy Place"
Our place for drinks, and facilities while in our “Happy Place”

Diego works out of Chic’s Bar which is located between the harbor and the pier at the center of town where you would be dropped off by the water taxi.  Chic’s is your home-base now.  They have a clean restroom and a strong Wi-Fi signal for you to use, which you can almost reach from your chair.

If you want to stretch your legs, go shopping along the boardwalk or go up one more block to Front Street in St. Maarten where you will find several blocks of shopping in both directions.  Check out the Sint Martin Guavaberry Company store (on TripAdvisor), they have incredible treats and tastings with their guavaberry products.  There are of course many jewelry shops and a lot of t-shirt & trinket shops.  You won’t be bored.

View from the St. Maarten web-cam.
View from the St. Maarten web-cam.

If you are getting excited for a trip to St. Maarten, check out our beach on this web-cam!

The beach at St. Maarten is beautiful and has incredible scenery… nice warm water most of the year, quite relaxing.  We

Relax at St. Maarten Beach
Relax at St. Maarten Beach

typically get off the ship early so we can get our chairs and umbrella in the front row right at the ocean.  If you like to lounge around the ship and wait until almost noon to get off you will still find a place on the beach, it may just not be in the front row.

If you are looking for a nice laid back beach day, close to food, drink and shopping… I recommend you check out Our Happy Place… we would love to share it with you.

We want to hear from you… What is your favorite Happy Place?




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